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Modern consumers value self-service technology, according to Richison.

Paycom Chad Richison

The internet dominates our modern lives, but Richison reminded us that this wasn’t always the case. The company’s first hurdle was guiding clients through their web-based process and leading them to internet-based software. The Paycom Chad Richison philosophy emphasises employee ownership of their data, but in the beginning, the internet made it difficult for employees to realise this goal fully.

Employee usage is here to stay.

Paycom’s leadership recognized even in those early days that increased connectivity would facilitate employee use, even advocating this belief in the company’s IPO slide deck. According to Paycom Chad Richison, if you look further into the future, you will find that employees are changing most databases.

Putting such an argument into practice was easy for Richison to make, pointing to everyday examples of similar evolutions in our workplace. “And that’s really where we are today.” “We’re consumers before and after work. We’re employees at work but consumers before and after work, and as consumers, we interact with banks through technology daily. The teller line isn’t necessarily where we walk.

Paycom Chad Richison

We buy our plane tickets online. Walking up to the counter is rare.” The store owners can reallocate their workforce toward tasks that contribute more to the organisation’s success by empowering customers to handle basic, repetitive tasks with self-service technology. The customer has also experienced a faster, more convenient, and hassle-free service.

The next step is now.

In the modern consumer experience, Richison recognises the relevance of self-service technology and believes that employees should expect the same efficiency level in the work environment. Beti, Paycom’s most recent innovation, is the perfect example of this belief. As Beti empowers employees to verify their data, the company can benefit from a win-win situation for its employees and leadership.

Employees are directly involved in the payroll process, creating a win-win situation for the company. To have perfect payrolls, HR and departments desire that every employee interacts with their check during the pay period and even approves their check throughout the pay period. So, when we remove the blindfold, it’s a very simple fix. A perfect payroll is what they want.