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Reduced downtime for High-Pressure compressors during maintenance

Time is money, and in a busy manufacturing setting, you want to keep downtime to an absolute minimum in order to maximise productivity and profits. This is particularly true of your compressed air system. More than 10% of all power provided to industry is utilised to compress air, indicating the extent and size of the installed estate of air compressors worldwide. Operators are consequently anxious to keep these ‘workhorses’ of contemporary manufacturing running as long as possible to avoid a negative impact on the bottom line. In addition, learn how to Avoid Downtime on a Compressed Air System.

However, any compressor system will require support throughout its working life, including routine, scheduled maintenance to maintain equipment dependability and performance notably in high-pressure applications where production output is dependent on a constant flow of high-quality air.

Time is saved by good design

The convenience of servicing your selected compressor is an area that is sometimes underestimated. When it comes to decreasing downtime during normal repair, even the simplest design advancements may have important influence.

For example, intelligent component placement might have a beneficial influence by facilitating quick access. This is a significant advantage during unplanned downtime, such as when a component fails, because the sooner the service engineer can replace the component, the sooner the compressor may be back in service.

The design competition

Any reciprocating compressor’s final high-pressure stage is a difficult system, and the goal for all manufacturers over the years has been to perfect this design for longer component life and simpler service. Learn about how to Avoid Downtime on a Compressed Air System as well.

Fortunately, if you invest in clever compressor architecture, your machine will be up and running in no time, without needing to travel at the speed of light or even getting wet.