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Rise to the top position through social service

community service

We have seen several stories of popular CEOs from the biggest companies in the world. Millions of people find it inspiring and if you are one of those who is having the plan to start your own company, then it will be highly necessary for you to get motivation from the other CEOs. Right from their daily routine to things they believe and follow, everything will be a bit different, and maybe that is the reason why they are successful. One of the most important messages that they convey is not to go for profit. Business is never about profit but people.

Leadership is never easy. It does not set particular steps, it is always changing and is unclear. Understanding the uncertainty of the whole situation is the biggest challenge for them. Talking Rain CEO Chris Hall is one of the leaders in bringing prominence to social impact in business. His rise to the position at his beverage company was not flashy at all. He knew the struggles and maintained his belief till the end.

community service

What is the firm about?

Basically, the firm is a maker of Sparkling Ice brand of flavored carbonated water and it did more than $650 million in sales in the pandemic time. The demand for the products rose during the pandemic and this is when Talking Rain CEO Chris Hall decided to focus more on community service. In the past, the firm has supported breast cancer awareness, recycling education, and other important causes. However, the pandemic situation brought him much closer to the feeling of service, and was drawn to it more than ever.

Just like some of the inspirational leaders, it is important to keep the focus on what we believe in. Also, to be successful, people have to leave self-doubt and start leading life as they want to and take risks to grow into a human and an inspiration to others.a