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Role of In-Person Meeting in Current Sales Process

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There is no secret that technology has completely transformed in a way businesses are communicated with the customers & prospects. The modern sales representative rely mainly on various tools or technologies for conducting their regular work—that includes social media, email, chat tools and many more. Thus, traditional face-to-face sales meeting has now become less common than earlier.

However, even as B2B sales process gets digital, in-person meetings offer some advantages that no technology will replicate. In this Smart Circle post, we will go in deep why face-to-face interaction stays important to modern sales procedure and we provide some tips to make most of your in-person meetings. Let us get in it!

People Need In-Person Connections

There is no surprise Pandemic affected this connection of other humans. Lots of people experienced loneliness as well as anxiety and depression because of separation from family, friends, and co-workers.

People have missed visiting various events and learning new things, like new products and brands. Seeing item first-hand or getting to touch, and try this before buying makes you trust this brand more than the online ads.

Hence, same is true in a B2B realm where the partnerships and the client relationships are very important for the success. It’s tough to build trusting relation with the clients completely through the virtual calls or communication.

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How Can You Start Doing Marketing?

You visit business premises of the potential clients, without any appointment. You request to talk to person who is dealing with your particular service.

  • If the person’s there and speak to you, you can pitch him or her for meeting or given some information & arrange a meeting or call back, or, if person has time, pitch them for your services immediately.
  • If person’s not there & talk to you, you can get their business card and make appointment to visit later and give the information.
  • If they do not want to talk to you or you cannot get the card, then leave marketing materials & your card, asking them you’re dealing with and pass it over to the buyer.

In-person sales and marketing programs mainly empower brands and companies to build strong emotional connections, which lead to the lifelong relationships; and giving them the dramatic advantage to attract more and more customers, increasing lifetime value of the customer, whereas lowering cost of the customer acquisition as well as retention.