The advantages of field service management

The advantages of field service management include access to real-time information, a higher problem-solving rate on first contact, networked customer journeys and the maximization of efficiency.

There are some errors that are common in serviceminder field service management that can affect your company’s productivity and effectiveness, such as: an unprepared appearance or inefficient communication methods. FSM software helps you to avoid the most common pitfalls and increases the efficiency of your service team.

An field service management software solution can save companies considerable time and money by offering the ability to collect, analyze and access data, dispatch employees, automate tasks, optimize processes and reduce the number of repeat visits.

It is a method of managing work that takes place outside the office. FSM can refer to a strategy or to technology, but the goal is always the same: to optimize remote operations. FSM is important for companies in the healthcare sector, for energy suppliers and construction companies, among other things. Field service management is a method of tracking and organizing work that is carried out outside of the company’s premises.

Consider data

First, check what type of data you already have and how you plan to transfer and continue collecting that data with your new system.

Know how you plan to use the data to help you achieve your goals. Determine what kind of data should be collected and how it should be analyzed and used.


Before you officially start using your software for field service, you should take the time to try out various configurations and functions. This allows you to better align the software with your FSM strategies.

Invest time in training

It is imperative that all managers and employees familiarize themselves with the new software. Corresponding training courses can extend over several days or even weeks. So check the conditions and plan accordingly.