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Things to Check Out When Using Permanent Hair Color

Things to Check Out When Using Permanent Hair Color

Organic and natural ingredients are now becoming highly popular in the current beauty industry.  There’re some good reasons.  Many people are making this switch, and many different companies are also rebranding the image to include natural products, no matter whether it is skin care lotions, makeup and hair products.  Such change is amazing as natural products are much better for our environment and they are very good for you too.  Because things found in our nature are stronger than things made by human.  Make this switch to organic and natural hair products now with help of richelieu dennis.

What’s Permanent Hair color?

Permanent hair color generally works just by interacting with natural pigment of the hair as well as changing the structure of your hair. The dyes present in the permanent hair color are small colorless molecules. With help of ammonia, it penetrates your hair cuticle, however it is not until they have combined with the hydrogen peroxide or create the chemical reaction called as oxidation that magic happens. With the help of oxidation, permanent hair color molecules will turn complex and embed themselves in structure of your hair fiber. This result is called as permanent hair color, and at the least, hair color will definitely withstand several washes.

The biggest reasons why permanent hair color gets the bad rap is it includes potent chemicals than the demy-permanent hair color that instead coats your hair, but does not alter structure of your hair. Permanent hair color opens up your hair cuticle and has to sit on your hair for longer, thus hair texture may change a bit.

Stay In Two Shades of Natural Color

Colorists agree: If you are planning to dye your hair at home, then never go two or more shades lighter and darker. It is very important for the brunettes who wish to go blond. Suppose you have dark color hair and want to lighten up, it is better you make the appointment at your nearest salon, as at-home color is ineffective to lighten the hair.

The reason is at-home hair color kits do not have strong chemicals required to change the color. There is the reason hair colorists need to visit school, pass the test, and get the license from government. Reason is the chemicals required to perform some complicated color changes will severely damage your hair as well as scalp. As permanent dyes can’t get washed out, and you have to trial the new colour just by using the semi-permanent and temporary dye first.