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Traditional banking and fintech companies: a complicated relationship

Traditional banking

Traditional banking in recent years has tried to emulate the work of technology finance companies, but in reality, their relationship has been a bit complicated. Click here to know about mobile wallet.

Technological finance, especially alternative financing, does not fit into the traditional banking business model. For this reason, so try to create similar products, they can hardly work just like the technology finance companies.

Customers of the fin-tech companies

B2B (business-to-business): the corporate client portfolio in technological finance is mainly aimed at new entrepreneurs who turn to these companies to obtain alternative financing or loans for their new startups. Visit this site to know abbot mobile wallet.

In the same way, hundreds of companies that need financial resources and for the moment cannot access traditional banking opt for technological finance.

B2C (business-to-costumer): the mass market for technological finance is geared towards the new generation that uses its smartphones and other technological devices to carry out its financial operations.

Traditional banking

Investment in fin-tech

Investing in technology finance companies can be very profitable for certain investors. It is a very profitable market where a person with a lot of expertise and calculation can easily earn money.

Making investments at the right time and in promising projects or companies has led to the success of hundreds of investors. However, there is also a level of risk, as investors contribute their money to promising operations, but without a return commitment. Therefore, if the project or the company fails, the money may not return.

How will the end-tech companies change the market?

Technology finance companies will positively change the market. This is due to the great boom of people who want to invest as well as the large number of brilliant people who access these platforms to finance their projects.

Soon, traditional banks will have to adjust both the incentives for their creditors and the interests for their debtors. Due to the growth of technological finance, traditional banking must adapt to be as attractive as fin-tech.