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What are the Symptoms of Lice to Identify Quickly?

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Lice are tiny featherless insects that attach to human skin and feed blood. It spreads and grows fast from one body to the next. They are a common problem, but are highly contagious and spread quickly. You may have to go through a lot of struggle and difficulty to get rid of it. If you have itching, rashes, or discomfort in your scalp, you can contact lice removal Fort Myers, Florida, and receive the benefits of lice removal treatment.

Lice have a significant impact on your head, and lice eggs (nits) on hair strands can be difficult to see and clean. They are tiny and difficult to remove, which makes them look very bad when shining in the hair. Nits are often confused with dandruff, but unlike dandruff, they are difficult to remove from the hair. Some of the symptoms are listed below so that you can easily identify them.

  • Itching

lice inject saliva into your skin during a meal to prevent blood from clotting. Due to it, you feel allergic and very itchy. Scratching the irritated skin can lead to a secondary bacterial infection that can cause discomfort. Apart from it, it is essential to know that head lice do not spread disease and are not too dangerous.

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  • lice Bite

Some people are allergic to lice bites and experience severe itching. There is a burning sensation in the head after a long period of itching. Some people are not allergic to saliva, even though lice bites affect people. If you are having this problem, rather than ignoring it, you can seek timely lice removal Fort Myers, Florida service.

  • Feeling tickled

Tickling occurs when lice move from one location in the head to another. It can also happen in the case of hair movement, and the lice appear to be running. It is like to be very uncomfortable, and it draws attention even when it does not want to.

  • Wound

Sores on the scalp or neck are possible. Scratching lice in the scalp can result in small red spots, that are susceptible to bacterial infection. Aside from the head, bite marks can be seen, particularly around the crotch, upper thighs, and pubic area.


Lice may appear to be a minor problem, but they can be complicated to cure. Some people do not experience itching for the first 2 to 6 weeks after infection because it takes that long for the skin to become sensitive. Some people are affected within a few days. This infection spreads quickly, and before you know it, the lice have taken over a large portion of your head.