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What Is the Price to Ship a Car?

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When relocating across the country, you might need to have your automobile delivered to the new location. This is usually necessary if you own more than one car or if you want to fly to the new location rather than driving for several long days or even weeks.Your primary concern is probably the cost of shipping an automobile if you decide to have it delivered by one of the top car shipping companies in the nation.

How much does it really cost to send a car transport across the country? Will the cost be completely in line with your relocation budget? Or will it have a price that you can’t now afford?

You can set your budget appropriately if you are aware of the typical cost of moving a car across the nation. Additionally, being informed of typical auto shipping costs can prevent any last-minute surprises when you do contact a reputable car shipper.

Average price of shipping a car (DISTANCE)

According to logic, the final cost of automobile shipment will be higher the farther your car needs to go. The cost of transferring an automobile ranges, on average, from around $600 for a few hundred miles on an open carrier to roughly $1,800 for cross-country enclosed transport.

Cost of shipping a car using OPEN TRANSPORT on average

Your automobile will cost less to ship through open transit. Approximately 95% of all cars moved in the US are done so through open transport, which is the most common method. It is the go-to mode of transportation for automobiles with high road clearance and an estimated value of under $100,000.

The good news is that due to its popularity, the country has a large number of open vehicle transport companies, which means that the price for consumers is pretty affordable due to the intense market rivalry.

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Average cost of enclosed transportation for a car

Since the weather outside won’t be an issue throughout the cross-country travel, enclosed car carriers do offer the finest protection for expensive automobiles. The preferred mode of transportation for extremely costly classic, sports, and luxury vehicles is enclosed transport.

Naturally, shipping a car in an enclosed vehicle will cost more; the cost difference between open and enclosed vehicles often ranges between $400 and $500. Because there are fewer options for enclosed vehicle carriers, the pickup time is typically longer in addition to being more expensive.

By vehicle size, the average cost to ship an automobile

Transporting larger cars across the nation costs more, such pickup trucks. If you want to ship a car that is bigger than a standard sedan across the nation, you should be aware that an SUV or a pickup truck would cost between $150 to $200 extra to ship because of their greater.