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Why should a business also be socially responsible?

Richelieu Dennis

A company’s motto should not only be earning profits, but also being socially responsible. This goes a long way in creating and retaining customers. To be in business in the long run, this is the most important quality needed in a business. Ultimately, the success of a business depends only on the customer base that the business has created. By engaging in various community-driven activities, companies can see improved performance. People recognize their efforts towards the society. This can be done in various ways. The following paragraph deals with a businessman who has made this possible.

Richelieu Dennis

richelieu dennis is an entrepreneur, investor and also a philanthropist. His passion for business made the family-run venture to become one of the successful beauty brands. Dennis, through his company Sundial promoted many community-driven projects. He made access to opportunities and resources possible for many underprivileged people. This effort made these people create value for themselves. He helped create educational opportunities for girls and also employment and investment chances for women. He co-partnered many foundations through his organization. Some of them are Jackie Robinson Foundation, WACO theatre group, GET program, UNIFORM program in Liberia. By being socially conscious, stronger and self-reliant communities were created. The result of his success in business and also the social spheres, made him to be named as one of the Most creative people in business by Fast company.

Being responsible towards the society can create a better image for the company. This will help it to sustain in business for long. A business being always in competition, gets an edge over the others through these projects. They are a well-known brand when compared to their competitors. It also helps the employees by giving them rights to use the resources of the business for community projects.