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4 simple methods for turning off your MR coffee clean light

Coffee Clean Light to Blink

Clean light is a useful feature for keeping your Mr. Coffee machines in good working order. Everyone has a common doubt: how to turn off flashing clean light on mr coffee? So, here are some easy ways to turn off your cleaning light, Mr. Coffee.

Check if your Mr. Coffee is clean.

Even after you clean your coffee maker, some chalky minerals will build up in the carafe, filter, and other areas. It’s time to deep clean it. Every 100 cycles, clean the Mr. Coffee maker with a vinegar cleaning solution. If you use hard water in your coffee maker, then you need to clean it after every 40 brews.

Carefully follow the directions in the user manual.

While reading the user manual isn’t the most enjoyable way to spend your day, it will help keep your coffee maker clean and free of malfunctions. Read the user manual and follow the steps to clean it; use vinegar and push the start button; ensure that the cleaning is light and stays red; and stop blinking. Press the button three times to fix this.

Coffee Clean Light to Blink

Unplug and wait a minute.

A classic technology trick is unplugging the coffee maker and letting it sit for a minute or two. Then plug in it back and reset the machine, likely turning off your pesky, clean flashing light.

Check the warranty.

Under warranty, your coffee maker may also malfunction. Check the warranty period, repair the machine, and make it work properly.

The cleaning process may take about 60 minutes, and your machines will be ready to clean. Don’t unplug or turn off the machine during the cleaning cycle. You can make coffee once the machine is ready.

From the above tips, you can learn how to turn off flashing clean light on mr coffee.