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Alexei Orlov: A well-known name in the marketing industry

Alexei Orlov

The process by which a company promotes the purchase or sale of a product or service is known as marketing. Advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses are all examples of marketing. An event, campaign, or any interaction through which a company drives customer actions is brand activation. This strategy aims to raise brand awareness, develop long-term relationships with target audiences, and increase customer loyalty. It allows customers to interact directly with a company, which helps to engage more customers.

It’s extremely difficult to stand out among thousands of brands working hard to achieve their objectives in the age of digital marketing. To make a brand recognizable, marketers look for interactive and effective methods of attracting their target audience.

These businesses are run by top leaders like Alexei Orlovwho make business their life and life as their business.

Who is Alexei Orlov?

He is the global CEO of mtm choice worldwide, a network of top-tier experts who specialize in high-precision brand activation and media optimization.

Alexei Orlov

Where did he serve before MTM?

  • He was Chief Marketing Officer of Volkswagen China.
  • Orlov also served as the digital President in Europe at Wunderman Thompson for eight years as President.
  • He was also the Global Strategic Lead for WPP’s automotive business
  • Also served many other companies worldwide.

He has received various prestigious awards like-

  • Alexei, in 2012-2013 was awarded CMO of the year by the world brand congress.
  • Cannes Gold Lion Award
  • Was a speaker at Global Brand Forum

Alexei Orlov shared words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs. They should have real conversations and interactions with customers. Build your team, turn the right directions into smart strategies and always step up to take your responsibilities. Please make your decisions carefully and don’t be impatient with them.