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All You Need To Know About The Founder Ted Farnsworth

Ted Farnsworth

Ted Farnsworth is an investor, entrepreneur, and money-breaker as co-founder of ZASH Global Media and Entertainment, former chairman of MoviePass and founder and chairman of MoviePass Films, Farnsworth is known as an innovator who changed the film industry forever. MoviePass was founded in 2011 and gained popularity within a year. In 2021, MoviePass was named one of the “25 Most Disruptive Apps of 2012” and was also a part of “The Best of Everything in 2012” by Business Insider.

In 2018 he became the main owner of Emmett Furla Oasis Films, followed by the formation of the Fortress Entertainment Group. He has worked with some of the biggest names in show business, most recently Al Pacino, John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis.

In 2020 Farnsworth announced three-film financing deals with Fortress Entertainment Group and Damascus Road Productions. The first three films focused on films from World War II and the Holocaust. In 2021, the documentary Zash Studio Chicago: America’s Hidden War was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary. ZASH Studios is a subsidiary of ZASH Global Media and Entertainment.


Ted Farnsworth has acquired an 80% majority stake in a competing app on TikTok, the Singapore-based video platform Lomotif. Farnsworth partnered with Musical.ly start-up investor Jaeson Ma and Triller board member Vincent Butta in an acquisition on their behalf Vinco Ventures, Inc. and ZASH Global Media and Entertainment Corporation. Together they will take over 80% of the majority stake in Lomotif.

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What is Lomotif?

Lomotif is a video and social platform similar to TikTok that allows users to share short music videos. Since the start of 2014, more than 350 million videos have been created on the app every month, and 9 billion videos have been created and placed on the app. The app is growing in popularity in Asia, Europe and South America and has grown by over 600% in the last two years.

This app has more than 120 million lifetime developers and 160 million viewers lifetime on iOS and Android. As part of the acquisition, the founder and CEO of Lomotif, Paul Young, will continue to lead the company. The app has had more than 225 million downloads globally.

Farnsworth is best known for serving as the director of MoviePass on one of the most spectacular hiking and entertainment stories of recent years. He is the CEO of New York-based holding company HelPos & Matheson Analytics Inc., which went bankrupt in January 2020.