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Before choosing a vacuum cleaner, check this post first

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For those who want to clean their house easily, it all comes down to what cleaning devices you use. One of the most essential cleaning devices that have been used in cleaning houses for many, many years already is the vacuum cleaner just like the best hepa filter vacuum.

However, not everyone is keen on giving importance in choosing the right vacuum cleaner which is actually very essential. There are some models which are suitable for particular cleaning tasks and for surfaces compared to others while picking the right one can save you the hassle of having to skim the same area multiple times, there are a lot of things to consider.

A lot of homeowners do not focus or pay their attention to the importance of choosing the vacuum cleaner that is appropriate for the house that they are living in, or the space that they wanted to clean because there are many different types of vacuum cleaners, and buying the wrong one will surely end up in frustration.

  • Upright vacuum cleaners are designed for tougher jobs

For those who have pets in their homes, it would be messy to have tufts of hair that are littered throughout the house knowing that cats and dogs occasionally shed off their hair that is why the upright vacuum cleaner model is perhaps the best type of vacuum and also has the most powerful suction that can provide you the best solution in cleaning up the hair of your pet. If you have a carpeted house or you have rugs, an upright vacuum cleaner can generously clean it thoroughly and what makes these models ideal is that it is cheaper than canister vacuums which are heavier making it difficult to use around.

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  • Canister vacuum cleaners are easy to use, but hard to store in place

For most households that have pets, this is the best-considered vacuum to clean up the mess. Compared to upright vacuum cleaners, this type of vacuum is better at handling tiled floors and hardwood floors as well as carpeted floors. It also has less noise compared to the upright vacuum. However, the downside of purchasing this vacuum cleaner is that it can be very bulky and harder to store without being distracting to your eyes because of its hose that is attached to its tank.

  • For quick cleanups, go for stick vacuums

Stick vacuums which goes to its name is very good at getting into hard to reach areas when you are cleaning because this lightweight and usually battery-operated vacuum cleaner is cord-free and very convenient to use. However, it is not for heavy-duty use compared to the straight-up and canister vacuum cleaners.

  • Handheld vacuum cleaners are best for tight spaces

Just like the stick vacuum cleaner, surface cleaning is best done with this type of vacuum. It has a similar shape and size as the stick vacuum, and also the similar cleaning capability, weight, and function. It also has the same downside as the stick vacuum.