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What You Should Know About Achiote Paste

Know About Achiote Paste

Achiote paste (bija or bijol in Spanish) is a unique spice that has a very unique flavor. It has a strong rich taste that is uniquely its own. Its described as a bright yellow spice. Its usually found in Mexican and Cuban cuisine but can also be found in some central American cooking as well. If you haven’t really tried having this make sure that you get some reference as to how it’s used and how much you will need because with how strong the flavor is with this spice, it’s going to easily overpower the dish of not regulated properly.

There are many reasons why many people are taking this type of spice and its mostly because of culture and curiosity. Because it’s strong it’s perfect for any protein like fish, pork, lamb, beef, chicken and many more. Its mostly made up of Annatto seed, garlic, vinegar, iodized salt, and various spices. This type of spice is one of those spices that you can’t really buy anywhere else unless you go to a place that is very specific that offers various spices from the places mentioned above.

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Go buy it online: Instead of finding a place to buy it in stores where you have to drive to God knows where, why not just look for it online. In online you can find a ton of local and international stores that sells this type of spice that can satisfy your cravings or curiosity or both. Its more convenient, plus the variety is plenty. The fact is that there are so many manufacturers of this type of spice, and the products of those manufacturers can easily be sourced online.

What you should remember when buying online though: There are things that you should remember when you buy spices online. This is because although online provides easy access to a ton of spices and variation conveniently. You’re prone to fraud, false products, low-quality products, bad seller’s and not to mention bad quality products.  That’s why you really need to do some research on the credible sites that are out there so that you will not waste your time and money.

Achiote paste is one of those spices that has a very distinct and strong flavor. This Is the reason why you need to nail the dosage of this spice upon application. Mostly the spice is used in various protein sources like fish, pork, lamb, beef, chicken and many more. The only stores that you can buy this from are the stores that are themed in their countries of origin. So expect that it’s not easy to find other than the online market. If you wish to know more, visit the link,