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Brad Zackson is one of the country’s most prominent real estate developers

Brad Zackson

New York City’s Brad Zackson is an expert in real estate development, finance, and management. Jackson has a unique ability to identify potential opportunities and anticipate future trends, and Brad Zackson is known for his creative approach to real estate development. At the start of his career, Jackson worked for Fred Trump, the founder of the Trump Organization, where he was responsible for managing and supervising over 45,000 residential units.

Jackson has recently bought three significant properties in Long Island City, New York, including 23-10 Queens Plaza South, which will soon be converted into a 44-story rental tower and commercial development by Brad Zackson. An assemblage of two adjacent properties owned by different owners was used to create the “Clock Tower Building,” a development with 1 million square feet of developable space and air rights purchased quickly from the MTA.

The site has a 15-year 421a lease and does not need an affordable component. To close this transaction before the original 421a deadline, Zackson spearheaded the acquisition, merger of zoning lots and other critical “paper” development aspects. Three properties were purchased off-market through friendly negotiations with non-sellers.

To accommodate the seller’s needs, Zackson agreed to a sale leaseback, and the seller agreed to allow Jackson to obtain the 421a Tax Abatement that was extended six months after the original deadline. In light of the pending upzoning in the area, Zackson’s vision has significantly boosted the property’s value. In addition to being active in civic and political circles in New York, Zackson is a native of New York.

He has served on several boards, including the Central Park Conservancy, the New York CARES Board, the ABO Board, and the Jewish Museum of New York Board. As the developer explained, Mr Zackson studied the properties and determined their advantages, and then marketed those advantages to make a lasting impression on prospective tenants. Mr Trump handed over responsibility for all of his Queens apartment buildings to Mr Zackson at the end of the meeting.