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How self-massage works for your legs and your body pain


Athletes have been massaging for years. Massages are usually part of a training program for professional athletes and athletes. We will plan a massage when we need to repair some part of the body or when we are on vacation, and the massage is included in the spa package.

More and more people do massages, especially those who participate in daily training. I massage my back and calves almost daily, and some days, twice, with a foam roller.

The fact is that devices for self-massage are more common today than two years ago

Massage may seem like a luxury, but when it becomes part of your training program, it really becomes a good habit.

There are currently more than a dozen good products to help you get your massage. There are also videos on uTube that show how to massage with your hands or something as soft as a foam roller. Most small balls, such as golf, tennis, baseball and lacrosse, can help relieve sore muscles when lying down and roll to massage the tense muscle.

Here is a massage that you can use for the calf muscles. Stand up, place one foot on a low chair or bench. Stretch and place the thumb and forefinger of one hand on the opposite side of the upper heel. Squeeze your fingers and slowly lift your toes, bending your leg. Lower your foot Repeat this twice and then lift your foot half an inch until you reach the back of the knee.

Rubbing your feet is an old practice. In Eastern medicine, it is believed that the body’s energy, or qi, flows along the energy meridians that end at our feet. Some modern therapeutic approaches, such as FasciaBlaster, suggest that your feet have points that correspond to each part of your body, so working on your feet is comparable to massaging your entire body.