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Understanding What Happens During Detox

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In the world of fads like diets, lifestyle programs, and footbaths, “detox” is a common word that is taken lightly. However, in the world of drug addiction, “detox” is a serious process that can mean the difference between recovery and life of dependence or obsession. It is time that you understand what happens during detox so you will know what to expect in the long run.

What is detox?

If you want to break the cycle of drug addiction, seeking professional help involves detoxifying. To start, detox, in general, refers to the purging or removing of poison from the body or environment.

When you look at it closely, detoxification is a physical process with psychological and emotional consequences. With this, it is best undertaken with the supervision of an expert medical team or physician.

So, what happens during detox?

You must know that treatment works great when it is individualized. This means that the programs are developed according to your personal needs. Before deciding what drug rehab treatments to consider, you should expect the following things:

Intake interview and assessment

The staff will conduct an interview as well as a psychiatric exam to determine if you need a detox. If you require detox, you need to enter into a special medical facility to ensure comfort and safety during this difficult time.

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Detox can only be successful if you stop using and with that, you will start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The sudden absence of substances can have negative effects on your health. Though symptoms are temporary, there are fatal cases. Keep in mind that the effects of detoxification vary from one person to another because of the many factors.

Detoxification process

The next is the detoxification process. The stages depend but in general, it takes between 3 to 7 days to purge physical withdrawal symptoms. In the past, detox means experiencing virtually isolated environments or called the “cold turkey” approach, which is based on the punishment mentality.

These days, there is a medically sound philosophy – you will be placed under prescribed medications to relieve anxiety as well as prevent seizures with the close supervision of professionals. With heroin detox, drugs like buprenorphine and methadone are prescribed to help the body restore its healthy state.

After the detoxification process, you will be weaned from your physical dependence on a specific drug. You can now start to address social, psychological and emotional issues concerning addiction.

Things to remember

You have to remember that regardless of detox policy about medication, undergoing the process with the supervision of qualified personal will minimize the health risks linked with it. You should also think about continuing care because recovery continues for weeks and months after leaving the facility. You must stay active in continuing activities like group outings and counseling groups.

Final words

In the end, rehab facilities will provide supportive and safe environments in which a patient’s medical and health needs are met during and after detox. With this, you should look for the right treatment program – the first time around.