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Who Is Hamed Wardak?

Hamed Wardak - a humanitarian

Hamed Wardak is a great businessman and humanitarian. He was unborn in Afghanistan, Kabul. He is the son of Abdul Rahim Wardak. His father was the defense Minister of Afghanistan when he was born. Hamed Wardak was a student and also a scholar at Georgetown University in Washington DC. He attended university in 1993 and was a merit holder as well as an academic scholar in his class.

In his college, he was chosen as the valedictorian from his class. He went to the university to study Bachelor’s in Art in the government and political theory.

Hamed Wardak and his great achievements

Hamed Wardak was not just a scholar at university and school, but a real-life hero in real life. He earned the honor at the university of being the Rhodes Scholars. People who earned this honor are those who are known for their proficient accomplishments in academics and their integrity, dedication, commitment and devotion to the people. After finishing his education, he moved back to his hometown in Afghanistan for a while to support the people of his country during the civil war. He served appropriate medical tools and stipulations during the war.

Who Is Hamed Wardak?

Hamed Wardak – a true businessman

Other than his exceptional achievements and academic record at the university, he went to his homeland to help the needy in the times of the civil war. But he aimed to establish himself as a successful businessman, so he moved to the United States of America and became an active participant in mergers and acquisitions in New York and California. He was also elected and appointed as the Managing Director at the International Operations of Technologists, Inc. He held that position for a year. Under his powerful and strong leadership, he invested over $44 million to form several contracts that worked to benefit Afghanistan.

Hamed Wardak – a humanitarian

Other than the business and economics and political ventures, Hamed was the co-founder of the campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership. This campaign was a non-profit move that operated and functioned to offer advantages to the Afghan and American citizens. The goal was to work towards the prosperity of Afghanistan and America.

Wardak also built bridges and canals under the same project. Hamed Wardak has recently established himself in the music industry. He has started to make and produce innovative techno music for his followers. According to several critics, his music is considered to be raw, passionate and thought-provoking. His musical style is the representation of wisdom, emotions, and memories of the past.