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Hamed Wardak on Leadership

Hamed Wardak on Leadership

A leader is a person who can lead a group, organization, or country. They have the power to influence people and in every situation. In different companies with different businesses, there are leaders. Each company has their unique way on how to run it and make a name from its goods and services. In every company, some leaders are leading the people towards the achievement of the organization’s goals.

Do you know the secret behind a successful organization?

Good leadership is one of the secrets of a successful company or any organization. It has an important role that plays in the success of an organization. In every leader’s action, it affects the company as a whole. Some of the primary roles of a leader are:

Hamed Wardak

Peer-driven and shared leadership

Knowledge is meant to be shared. It is an effective way to engage in the workforce. Collaboration with the people involved in the company’s transaction can help their productivity. Through this step, it will cut the gap between the upper management and the workforce. This will open for more suggestions, possibilities, and collaboration among all employees. It will also help the workforce to gain confidence and will feel a sense of involvement in the fulfillment of every task. In every success of a company, they will feel accomplished because they know that they are involved in the process of success of the company. As peer-driven was present in a company by Hamed Wardak, it shows that shared leadership is present. Because you give other people the chance to share ideas in different situations.

Commitment and Passion

A leader with a passion for their work with a commitment to achieving the company’s goal will succeed. Once a leader possesses these attributes, the teammates will undoubtedly be influenced. If the workforce saw that their leader is full of passion for work, they will also be the same. They will get motivated to do their work and be better. It is leading by example to followers. Whatever the leader is doing, the followers will surely follow it.

Good communicator

Good communication is an essential tool for the success of a company. It is an exchange of information between individuals. Every transaction within a company needs excellent communication. It involves completeness and accuracy of information. If there is no proper communication, losses will happen to the company.

These are just the primary roles of a leader in an organization or company. There is no secret formula in handling people. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge of the role.